Advisory Board

Sue Taylor

Sue Taylor, a Bay area Entrepreneur, is a founder and owner of a Senior focused Cannabis dispensary in Berkeley California. Sue has devoted her career to education and advocacy focusing on removing the stigma of cannabis for seniors, by speaking against the epidemic use and devastating impact of opioids.

Sue Taylor has become the trusted face of seniors and is nationally recognized as an advocate, educator and a lobbyist for Seniors and cannabis.

Sue is committed to empowering seniors and educating them on holistic approach to health. This includes natural medicine, healthy living, physical exercise and nutrition.  As Sue puts it eloquently,” We must find alternative ways to healthcare and cannabis is a viable proven solution.

Sue was appointed as a commissioner on Aging in California in 2012. In addition, she is certified by the State of California to teach cannabis to administrators, directors and nurses of senior care facilities, and provide CEU’s towards their continuous education credits.